April – opening the retreat season!

Dear yoginis and yogis,

This year’s first “yoga-in-action” retreat, at Quercia Calante in Umbria / Italy, is the biggest event for the month of April. I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with a great bunch of people in this special location, with 2 yoga classes a day and plenty of yummy [...]

March – spring is renewal

Dear yoginis and yogis,

March means winter is over, and in Paris the cherry trees are blossoming. Spring is the best season for “detoxing”, getting rid of toxins accumulated with too rich food and too little fresh air for city dwellers over the winter. Whether it be a juice fast, an advanced yogic cleansing technique [...]

February – a yogic winter

Dear yoginis and yogis,

My dear teacher Karuna has left for Bihar and my classes with her students are a real pleasure. I am also starting a lunch-time class at the office where I have a day-job at the moment, 20 people signing up just prove that yoga is becoming mainstream!

There is only ONE [...]

January news – happy 2014!

Dear yoginis and yogis,

may 2014 shower you with blessings – health, laughter, quality time with people who truly care about you, time out in a natural environment, music that opens the heart, inspiring encounters… remember one of the secrets of life is to accept what we cannot change and recognise what we CAN change [...]

December news – plenty of goodies!

Dear Yoginis and Yogis,

November has been successful in many ways, and 2014 will be an eventful year for Yoga in Action! I write to you from my village of Alájar in the Sierra de Aracena, which is boasting golden leaves and bright sunshine. The air is crystal clear and smells of cozy log fires.


November news – cooking up surprises for 2014

Dear Yoginis and Yogis,

I am currently travelling around Europe and cooking up surprises for Spain, Paris and possibly Italy in 2014… I’ll be ready to tell you more in the next post, just a month from now! Good things take a bit of planning.

Have a good month of November, getting ready for winter.


October news – autumn in the Sierra

Hello Dear yoginis and yogis,

autumn is setting in, the Sierra wakes up shrouded in mist, and thunderstorms leave the branches shining like pearls. It’s lovely! Alájar recently hosted a two-week astrophysicists’ workshop, during which I was thrilled to teach some Californian yoginis, who are used to a fabulous level of yoga in the San [...]

September news – after and before the retreat

Happy September Dear Yoginis and Yogis,

The light is changing in the Sierra de Aracena, summer is coming to an end and chestnuts are ripening on the trees. If you are interested in seeing photos of this hidden gem of a Natural Park, don’t mind the German language and click on www.sierrabloggerin.wordpress.com, where I write [...]

August news – Retreat to the Sierra!

Dear Yoginis and Yogis,

life is good in the Sierra! While France, Germany (!) and Seville have lost sleep over the heat, we are fine up here with soft breezes and cool nights (and a swimming pool). Last night we started the first class of a lovely 5 day yoga-course (evening classes) and we did [...]

July news from Andalucía

Hola dear friends, Yoga-in-action has moved again and is now based in Alájar, Sierra de Aracena, North of Seville (Spain). I teamed up with the Posadas de Alájar to offer yoga vacations and detox retreats for individuals and small groups. This is for all those of you who desperately need some peace and regeneration in [...]