August 2017 – Meditate and Mingle

Dear Yoginis and Yogis,
What if you could meditate in a beautiful (and non-religious) space, after work, in central London, together with like-minded people from different walks of life, and share a cup of tea and […]

July 2017 – Dogs are the better yogis…

… or what you can learn about life from a Dachshund: Detachment, stress management, emotions – spending a week with a cute sausage dog as a teacher was a beautiful lesson in many ways. Here is […]

June 2017 – World Yoga day

Dear Yoginis and Yogis,
Isn’t it amazing that the United Nations actually declared a World Yoga Day? It’s June 21rst, one of my favourite days of the year as it is Summer Solstice, the longest day […]

May 2017 – yoga creates connection

Dear yoginis and yogis,

Have you noticed that it seems easier to create a bond with people you meet in yoga studios, during yoga workshops and on retreats than with people you meet elsewhere? You may […]

April – “Soil, Soul, Society”: urban ecology with Satish Kumar

Dear yoginis and yogis,
as I wrote in this other article, the Indian philosopher and ecologist Satish Kumar is one of the living teachers I most admire and who most inspire me. He recently […]

March – the yoga of food

Dear yoginis and yogis,

Your yoga practice can influence what you eat, and what you eat can influence your yoga practice. Did you know that? Many aspiring yogis have reported to me that as their practice […]

February – How is your mindset?

Dear yoginis and yogis,
thanks to a recommendation from my friend Simone, I discovered the bestseller “Mindset – changing the way you think to fulfil your potential” by Dr. Carol S. Dweck. What an […]

January – The power of “yogic sleep”

Dear yoginis and yogis,

Happy New Year! January is a time for new year’s resolutions, and I am happy to see that many London yoga studios offer “New Year’s workshops” which include a yoga nidra practice, meant […]

December – “Your body, your yoga”

Dear yoginis and yogis,

Two fascinating books I recently discovered reflect a “new trend” in yoga teaching: having studied the human anatomy closely, some teachers are now moving away from “sacred” alignment cues such as “keep […]

November – an experiment in healing

Dear yoginis and yogis,

I recently read about a fascinating scientific study conducted by Harvard psychologists in 1979. It demonstrates the power of mind over matter, a question dear to yogis.
For this study, two groups of […]