October – Yoga for beginners – aren’t we all?

Dear yoginis and yogis,

Recently I discovered that the French wellness blogger “Yoga and Tea”  tried my online beginners’ classes on yogaconnect and explained what she liked about them.

I felt honoured to read […]

September – it’s all about PRANA

Dear yoginis and yogis,
How’s your prana today? Whether you are just back from holidays, exhausted from the summer rush (I’m thinking of friends in Spain), recovering from an operation, or, like me, have recently spent […]

August – lucky students, lucky teacher

Dear yoginis and yogis,
this July, I had many opportunities to reflect on the importance of teachers. One reason was that I was lucky to attend Uma Dinsmore-Tuli‘s day-long training on yoga for women in […]

July – let there be light!

Dear yoginis and yogis,
June was marked by two yogic events for me : a weekend in Devon with the wise Satish Kumar and a weekend in the German Alps at the Bhakti Yoga Summer Festival. […]

June – 5 years younger in 3 days

In three days, it is possible to rejuvenate enough to feel five years younger – I have recently experienced it again myself, and seen it on the faces of ten other people, at a yoga […]

The improbable making of a yogini – my ashram experience

This article (describing how rocky my early yoga days were) was first published on the website  www.bookyogaretreats.com, a great ressource to find the retreat that’s right for you, when you need it most.

My ashram […]

May – The multi-facetted world of “spirituality”

Dear yoginis and yogis,

My trip to Australia and Singapore was truly fascinating, and I feel very lucky to have had a chance to visit such amazing places as Sydney, Melbourne and the Blue Mountains. The natural […]

Spring equinox – the power of sound

Dear yoginis and yogis,

This spring equinox (or autumn equinox if you are where I am headed), I was lucky to be surrounded by sounds: Tibetan bowls, a guitar, a Celtic drum and groups of yoga […]

March – how to be a balanced traveller

Dear yoginis and yogis,

March is a big-time travel month for Yoga in Action: I am writing to you from the French Pyrenees, I will be between London and Paris next week, and I am off […]

February – new beginnings

Dear yoginis and yogis,

It is done – I have moved to London, and to mark the occasion, my website has had a big make-over (I hope you like it).


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